Important The following notes were taking During the YuhGlo Bible Conference by our scribe team. We pray that as you read and listen to the audio presented on these link, take some time and meditate upon what was said and discussed as the Holy Spirits leads you into all truth and understanding of His Holy Word. Be sure to join us on Sundays for Bible studies. God bless you

Click Here for Regeneration and Justification Book

Regeneration Study

This are notes that are outlined from our study on Regeneration & Justification. Join us Sunday’s at 9pm on the YuhGlo line to learn more.


6 videos

YSC 2016 Sermons

Below are all of the sermons from YuhGlo Summer Camp 2016.


4 videos

YSC Teachings

This folder contains videos from the YuhGlo Summer Camps.


1 audios

Conference Notes - John Study

This folder includes sermon notes and audios from the study of the Gospel of John


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This folder contains notes and reflections from the different initiatives that we undertake as a ministry. Such as The Great Banquet Project (GBP), Can I Get A Witness (CIGAW) etc.