Why you should become a monthly partner.

1. You are investing the salvation and growth of manyfeature-sow-a-seed-reap-a-harvest1

Join a group of people who want to see youth reached for Jesus Christ, raised up into strong Christian leaders, and released to minister to the world around them. Monthly partners believe so deeply in this mission that they commit to supporting YuhGlo with regular monthly gifts. This commitment enables us to touch hearts and lives every day through our services and programs.

2. Your gift goes farther than you think

Programming: Monthly Partners directly impact the quality of experience that the youth receive in YuhGlo. This experience is tailored to reach youth according to their spiritual maturity and understanding, which allows them to experience growth in their walk of faith.

Outreach: Contributions help us maintain and improve current outreach initiatives in order to continue to provide safe and impactful outreach programs where youth can learn, shape, and share their faith as they grow into leaders in our communities.

Propelling the mission: General contributions enable YuhGlo to use gifts where they are needed most: general operations, research, and development of new programming and planning for the future.

3. We will be good steward of your gift and provide detailed accounts
  • Know that your donations will be used to minister to youth in our community.
  • Keep informed about how your gifts are reaching youth for Christ with regular YuhGlo Partners Updates.
  • Receive recognition in the YuhGlo monthly newsletter.
4. Signing Up is Easy

Follow the link below to sign up using a credit or debit card. By signing up online you can use convenient automatic payments and receipts that save the hassle and expense of mailing a check each month. You can change your donation amount, withdrawal date, or stop your donations at any time by calling our office at 571-331-9396.

For your convenience, you can sign up by filling out the form below

Youth Under His Glory (YuhGlo) Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation, A publicly supported organization EIN: 46-3098657